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Fueling the Passion

Supporting Aviation in Northwest Arkansas

Desi and Emma


We provided over $100,000 in aviation training scholarships since 2020.

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Since 2020 we've spent over $50,000 maintaining and improving turf airfields.

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We've raised over $50,000 to support aviation education at High Schools in the area.

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In 2024 we'll renew our monthly fly-in dinners and coordinate fly-outs to build community.

What We Do

How Does It Work?

The Tailwind Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization promoting aviation in Northwest Arkansas.  We are a volunteer organization with an unpaid Board of Directors who are passionate about flying.
We receive 100% of our financial support from donors like you, who love aviation and want to make a difference.  We recognize that many donors might want to support one of our initiatives and have little interest in others, so we allow donors to specify which area they'd like to support with their gifts.  Scholarships, education, airfield maintenance, social events, or the general fund... our online donation process makes it easy to specify a cause.

We'd like to expand our influence into more areas in Arkansas, but we need your help do to it.  Please consider making a donation today, and remember to become a Tailwind Foundation member (see below).

One of the advantages of being a small non-profit is we're able to change direction quickly.  We are always open to ideas and suggestions about how we can do even more to promote aviation in Northwest Arkansas.  Let us hear from you


Join Tailwind as a Member

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Thanks for joining!

You can demonstrate your passion for aviation by donating, but also by becoming a member.  As a member you'll receive periodic newsletters and have the opportunity to be involved in our activities throughout the year.   If you're interested in giving back to aviation in a meaningful way, but haven't found an avenue for that, we encourage you to join us.

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